Nyheder fra Appeal4 // News from Appeal4

Så er der igen nyheder fra Appeal4 🙂 – Lækre nyheder 😉

Der er tale om High summer kollektionen og Pre fall kollektionen. Alle lakkerne sælges i butikkerne fra uge 26 🙂  – Swatches kommer snart 😛


Once again news from Appeal4 🙂 – Gorgeous news 😉

It’s the High summer collection and the Pre fall collection. All polishes are sold in stores from week 26 🙂 – Swatches are coming soon 😛

High Summer
High Summer

Fra venstre til højre: – From left to right:

  • Pinky pine – Barbie pink with pink shimmer
  • Fire mock –  Pastel peach cream
  • Exotic charms – Baby pink cream with neon pink hexa
  • Baby orchid – Nude cream with soft baby pink undertones
  • Cocunot pine – Clear based with white mat haxa and transperant string glitter
  • Snow in summer – Pale mint shimmer
  • Bay of cadiz – Pastel yellow cream
Pre Fall
Pre Fall

Fra venstre til højre: – From left to right:

  • Black poplar – Black base with red, purple and blue micro glitter
  • Weeping-willow – Tranperant soft rosy lavender base with soft rosy lavender and silver mini haxa glitter
  • Spotted rock & roses – Clear based pinky rose glitter topper
  • Red hot poker – Deep bordeaux creme.
  • Cat’s-tail – Deep gray with blue/green undertones
  • Sweet rocket – Light gray beige stuffed with silver and baby blue shimmer
  • Blazing star – Clear based silver glitter holo topper



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